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Good Day everyone! If you would like to subscribe to my show monthly or yearly take advantage of the benefits:

Illuminating Visions Podcast where we share up to date underground alternative information ranging from alternative health, alternative ways to deal with debt agencies, offer free Intuitive Readings and NLP adjustments, discount on all ecourses. Listen to our Troll and Censorship free quality private shows without any interference. We will also be bringing in some amazing guests who are there to share some powerful information that is not shared in the public, weekly talks on current events, meditative practices to help you through out the day to manifest the life you want. We are here to help inspire others to become aware of what is truly happening on our world today. Most of the info you see on TV is bought and paid for by the Cabal and you will only receive programming to subliminally hurt you rather than benefit you. You truly want to know whats going on with the world today subscribe to our show here

If you would like to be a guest on our show please contact me on to schedule a time. Our live platform will be on Much love and Light everyone.

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