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We are now Offering Secure Creditor ecourse in Parts to make it easier due to Hardship.

Due to the major hardship lately due to the retrograde we decided to make purchasing our Secure Creditor Course even easier. We are breaking the package and selling them into 6 parts Pay as you Go. Today we offer the UCC package which contains 13 documents. You will gain access immediately upon enrollment to the History and partial of the UCC1 package where you can get started ASAP on working towards package 1 which may take up to a month usually to get things sent out. Then you will be ready for Package 2 which is the next part you may purchase at your convenience. This is the easiest way to take back your birth certificate and becoming a Secure Creditor. You will also get 40 percent if you join our affiliate program. 30 day money back guarantee

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