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If you enjoy the sacred geometry connections to magick and quantum physics through scalar mechanics then you might resonate to Vedic Math.

They have a sale on 40% off the ebooks.

Magic Squares reveal the patterns of magnetism, the root of magick.
I add the "K" to magic as k=11 or 2 in gematria. 2 is the inverse of 5
5 is the number of man
Magick is the art of losing one's self into the mirror
to become the observed.

Jain's books reveal the kaleidoscope type visions, similar to the Hollywood movie effects like "INCEPTION" or "DR. STRANGE", that people visualize in multidimensional perspective merging. Think "projective synthetic geometry". Frieda Harris an artist who got stuck on Aleister Crowley after illustrating his Tarot Deck. She didn't look into the genius of Rudolph Steiner deep enough. These geometric patterns are how dimensions are folded.

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