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For some people, having a conversation without understanding communication is a waste of time. Thinking ahead and response time, body language including, eye, hand, and all body movements are essential for improving one's skills. What to say and when to say it is the most important component. Remember asking questions helps us to understand where the mind and spirit are coming from, and where it is heading. Answers come quickly to people who understand, The Pendulum Effect.Questions anyone?

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Comment by Ronald Wilson on October 12, 2017 at 3:38pm

Awake! Awake Spirit, Let it be thought, let it be said
let it be written, let it be read
Let it be crossed you will be dead
Souls in transition sent on a mission
Spirits abound everywhere around, some come to me those I can see, and others may stray away out of fear
Some feel strange about the change, just enter me then you'll see, life through my eyes and maybe you'll get wise
No one can protect anyone from him or herself. Wha†'s on your mind what have you done there's nowhere to run. Your plane waits along with mine and in time there will be no end.
Fear and doubt will come about; nothing stops the magnet the pull is on.
When I get to my plane I'll be able to explane even more, but I caution you to be aware that, there are bad spirits out there. I'm half asleep into the deep, my thoughts are great as I meditate, no one is near I have no fear, I'll just sleep and wait on my dear, let it be written, let it be said, what I have written will be read, did you read it? Did you get a chill up your spine? You will in time. Don't forget or you might regret, what is said will be read.

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