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Strang Happanings,With a Blessing Sort of,

A week ago,My wife And i were talking .and she was discussing with the Birthcertificate Video on youtube,By Dr Druanna,well She felt Compelled to tell me about it,beause it repatley Showed up on her youtube app,I didnt think nothing about it,but my wife is Strong in the Psycic
way,but i have some ability to that,but this happed for a couple of days,and i didnt think nothing of it till she told me about her feeling compelled to tell me By God,Or Our Lord,Sence we both Are of Christain Faith,Now at this time,i have spent the last 10 years researching Lottery Trends and trying to Win,And Of course praying to Our Lord about it,and and the Game I have been studying all that Ending In October,and I felt Heart broken because of it,the Next thing i know,my wife tells me Of Dr Druannas video and realy urges me to watch it,she said she felt pushed to have me do it by a higher bieng,so i watched it,and got blew away by what i was hearing,What Dr Druanna was saying,I couldnt belive it at first,but then i watched more of her videos,and Have thought alot about it,and have had troubles on my Mind I am guessing that is what Any Normal person Goes through ,,And just last night,right before i went to sleep.i heard a voice say Quite Your Heart ,He Sent you there, TO see the Truth,And Now I Am here,I Dont Know what you all may think of this,You Might think i am Crazy,but i just had to Tell of this strange thing that happened,and the Blessing you all have been to me,from your many walks of Life,Bless you all,

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