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Special notice to all the Sovereign, Constitutionalists, Secure creditors etc

Good day everyone, I have a special notice to all the Sovereign, Constitutionalists, Secure creditors etc Please this space is no longer affiliated with any of these topics. Now Sovereignty is fine as long as it talks about spirituality, not to do with debt issues, contract law, etc. Please. You are free to go to This is Jaro's new site and its still up with all of the blogs and discussions you can read about regarding sovereignty and secure creditor work. My secure creditor students are free to join here to stay connected with me, which is fine, but those topics are not the focus of this community. The reason for this is due to many people with aggressive behaviors. They are upset with the world, they max out their credit cards and want to blame others for not helping them yet they made the decision to max out their credit cards. This is just one example lol This is why I am walking away from that life style. I have dealt with all of my debt issues in peace and moved on and even left the USA as I knew the whole country was built on Fraud from the beginning. You can choose to stay and keep fighting against the demons, or go with the flow and stop using credit cards, stop buying into their system, and make your life simple and peaceful as we have. There is nothing more you can do especially if you dont have your history down correctly. Most of you have no idea where you come from. Our pagan friends do, and starseed and Gnostic Christian friends do, but most of these constitutionalists are christians, they believe in the bible and they believe civilization began in the middle east, when now there is more evidence that it began in Far east where Mu and Lemuria were. Tangible evidence now supporting this FACT. If you are not ready to move on from Christian beliefs and you are sovereign and a secure creditor Im sorry your gonna have a very tough time as it doesn't start with the bible. This whole thing began thousands of years ago when we were all colonized here by our ancestors who came from the stars. If you cant wrap that around your mind then you are not ready for True Freedom. So I have moved on from that parallel reality and moving onto sailing which is all about going with the flow, and my spiritual work. This is my calling this is who I am. Ive done all I could to help the world free themselves from Debt and got my Youtube Channel taken down as a major warning to me and my family which is a Threat. Now Its time for me to move on. Also Im tired of having to prove myself every time if whether Ive had success and my students have had success etc, or if we are a s*** and yata yata! Many of our students have had success because first of all, we remember who we are and refuse to be indoctrinated by the system. We are free spirits and called out their BS. Facebook is censoring everyone from speaking out now and there is only a matter of time before they pull the plug on all sovereigns, truth speakers, etc who wish to speak against the tyrrants. All you can do is walk in peace, whether its to do with paperwork, moving out of the countries you find yourselves restricted in, following what makes your heart sing and moving on. Protecting your money too. Ive put this out there for years to help people protect their money their children and not many are ready to jump and do it, they instead keep watching their news and their television sets. A very hopeless cause.
In this community we know the truth, its going back to Gaia, to earth, to love her, and respect her and her family for one, which goes beyond wealth, power and control. We either go with her or we dont'. Doesn't matter how much credit or money you have anymore. The system is collapsing soon. Learn to live off grid as we are doing on our boat with solar panels etc. We are getting prepared for the inevitable. Its a good thing, the system needs to crash and we need to go back to the way things were years ago where humans were treated as humans not slaves. So If you are upset with what I have to say I am sorry. You are free to remove yourselves from this list by going to your profile, click on settings, and go to email, you will scroll down and find leave group. You can always ask Elshara, Brenda, Rowan or Steve if you wish to leave this community. I respect you for your beliefs whatever they are, but this is not the focus of this group. If you are not pagan, spiritual, metaphysical, starseed, lightworkers, shamans, healers, psychics, or are into this, then this is not the place for you.

Regarding I am taking that site down after speaking with the ning community. Ive decided to keep this community going as Ive had it since 2010 and let go and give it back to Jaro. I thought he didn't want it anymore so I took it thinking i can gain it back. I had no idea he started a which he didnt have to. He is free to take that back and use it for the sovereigns etc. That is fine with me. After this Live Secure Creditor Webinar is over, the site is coming down. portal will still be up until july until I decide to move it over to a more affordable portal if need be and still sale the courses etc. Just sign up for my mailing list on for any special updates for events, the Sanctuary of Isis, new ecourses coming up etc.

I am always available to make an appointment with for a good psychic tarot readings, astrology forecast and hypnosis, and coaching.

I leave you with my Motto and statement: "Build an Empire leave a Legacy, always work to better yourself and always strive for Greatness as you come from something Great! Be love as you come from Love! Whatever negativity you are being dealt use it as a compass and set sail towards where your emotions Thrive! This will only empower you to be the star you were born to be. <3"

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Comment by LaDonya on May 2, 2018 at 8:27pm

Oh Hi Kim I remember you from the same group I was in :) nice to you came back too..

Comment by LaDonya on May 2, 2018 at 8:25pm

Wow! I know that’s right lol :) Fantastic Druanna!

Comment by Kim O Snow on May 1, 2018 at 6:18pm

Totally under,inner,outer,over and sidewaystand sis! In fact I just went to a beautiful event in PA. The Empowered Light Expo! crown Chakras were on really heating up and I had to get back grounded afterwards ya know! It was quite an experience. I met beautiful brothers and sisters there. There are some very serious folks keeping it real about this ascension taking place. Keep your head up Dr. Dru. I still feel embarrassed at all the haters you've had to encounter to do your work here on the planet. But ya know what, I hope they evolve in consciousness too with Creators help, but you rock. and keep y0 head up! There's also a beautiful fellow sister who is teaching about this ascension too, Melissa Feick on youtube. Check out her page too folks! Much love!!
Ralph Smart also has these cool "Good @$$ Prana shirts" :D

PS: Can former SC students re attend your webinar this weekend too possibly? I'm just kinda getting revamped and back into it. If not I totally under,inner,outer,over and sidewaystand!

Peace & Hair Grease, Lol. :D

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