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Looking for Ormus and DMSO? Ready for preorder!

Who is still interested in Ormus and DMSO? We will start selling them in 1 week! Email us if you want to take advantage of the discounted prices! Or email

We will be producing different flavors for each product which we are happy about! Many members have emailed us wondering if we will be making ormus and DMSO again! Just got done taking to Sovrnman and he is now ready to rock and roll! 

DMSO 8oz $19.99 plus shipping

Ormus 8oz $25.00 plus shipping 

we take Money gram, Money order, Google Wallet.

Will be ready to ship out DMSO this week by usps ground 

takes within 10 working days! 

The benefits are amazing! 

Ormus is great for pineal gland activation

increases sensitivity, psychic ability, enhances astral projection, prophetic dreams, 

empathic abilities, great during meditational practices! 


Absorbent exhilarator, for example, you can use it to absorb medicine into your skin say for eczema to enter your body faster! Used with healing essential oils such as Doterra on top of the DMSO to absorb the oils quicker into your body! You can use it in conjunction with Ormus as a psychic booster to add to your third eye. Even the CBD oil from cannibus. 

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