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LIVE TONIGHT ON ILLUMINATING VISIONS SHOW 3:00pm pst 5:00pm cst 6:00pm est I have a special Guest!

I will be Live Tonight on my show Illuminating Visions on with Rev. Siobhan as she takes me down a spiritual journey into her metaphysical school. Very excited to have her on the show tonight. 3:00pm pst, 5:00pm cst, 6:00pm est. on

Druanna Johnston Wails is with Sio Bhan.
May 13 at 12:02pm
I will be interviewing Reverend Siobhan Grace and aka Humanity Transcending Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Counselor, Qualified Life Coach, Mentor and Keeper of the Mysteries. She is a Spiritual Trainer and founder of Human Power & Energy Academy. I am so excited to have her on this Thursday evening 3pm pst, 5pm cst, 6pm est
Check out her School! on
Topics: The True Nature of the Human Being, The Multi-Dimensional Make-Up of the Human Being, and The Laws that Govern This Existence. Living in Harmony with your True Nature and the Laws that Govern Our Existence.

Siobhan Grace, in the past known online as Humanity Transcending, is the founder of the Human Power & Energy Academy, a modern day, heart centered, esoteric mystery school. Siobhan teaches the
Secret Knowledge of the Ages through the Academy’s Signature Masterclass, and individual one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

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