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Earth Star Live International Tele-Session

Saturday - June 9, 2018 9:00 AM (/Pacific Time) $33
The Celebrity Assistance Program

One of the intriguing aspects of human life on Earth lies in our fascination with celebrities and well known public figures. Think of all the musicians, actors and political figures that have played some sort of role in shaping your life, simply through a song, an inspiring film or an uplifting speech. Whether they appear to us as courageous, strong personalities or curious insecure oddities, we must remember that they are human, and have feelings and challenges just like we do. The celebrity assistance program has been formulated by the spiritual hierarchy which can assist many individuals, such as celebrities, in balancing and protecting their energy. In this session Bryan and the Ashtar Command will detail this fascinating program and tell you the many ways you can assist at this time.

In addition, this session will will enhance and uplift your spirit as we send healing energy and light around the planet to humanity and all life streams living here. See you there!

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