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During the time of the Falling Leaves Grandmother Moon, which has just past, many changes have begun to take place. I would like to send love and healing energy to all of these spiritual beings for the Creation of this wonderful like minded site.

I have been gifted with a pretty awesome family and when I was born did not know that there was a difference in humanity. I am Anishnawbe Kwe Ojibway Pottawatomi Woman from the Beaver Clan, North American Indian (English Definition) and so love to create and build :)

Since I personally have experienced colonization and assimilation I have been able to heal from past abuse and trauma through practicing our native way of life, culture and ceremony, as well as having that inner knowing that we have angels and guides who look after us.

We all have a purpose here in this life time and am so grateful for all of those helpers that have been on this path for the greater good.

I am on another journey to become a Independent health & wellness practitioner to assist those who seek the truth and to live their life in peace and harmony. This can be extremely challenging, however, very rewarding and empowering.

Our time is very precious and look forward to all that you and other light workers have to share with each other.

Until next time May you all walk in balance and with love in your hearts

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