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Why Silver & Gold, Why Now?


David Morgan one of the world top Precious metals expert says that silver in the next decade could possible be unavailable.  With the way the US Dollar is going and China and Russia getting together to not trade in Dollars it is pretty obvious that something huge is going on with the US $.


Get educated and teach yourself on how to protect yourself just like your doing with your SPC and become the true free person that you are achieving to be by buying yourself some silver and protecting you and your family in the eventual fall of our dollar.  Read this article here to get a deep understanding of what is actually going on around you.  There are many brilliant analyst who all agree to this like Michael Maloney of the Rich Dad Poor Dad camp and author of the book , Guide To Investing In Gold and Silver, he explains how the paper currency has always failed thorugh history and God's money has always prevailed and come back in style.  Now we are at the cruxs of a changing tide in the entire world, not just America and everyone is waking up to these fiat currency coupons that they are holding and realizing that they are no more valuable than the paper they are written on.

Gold and silver will always have value from the days of Abram where in the Book of Genesis it says in chapter 13:2, "Now Abram was very rich in livestock, in silver and in gold."  There are many mentions of these metals in the Bible and in other holy books as well.  Even in Paradise which is the home of us all it mentions Gold and Silver.  So we are destined beings to posess this precious metal along with others but here on Earth they are the most precious of the metals.

It is said that Silver has more uses than people know in almost every industry on the planet.  Silver is in the screen your looking at on your computer, in the keyboards inside of the computer as well, in photography,radiology,dentistry,filmaking,space project, almost every industry on the planet.  Gold is in play as well but its uses are limited , only silver and copper are more conductive per volume, but gold has the advantage of corrosion resistance.  The total gold production of the entire world that was ever created and pulled out of the ground is fairly still around except for a very little like the pieces used for space project and are lost forever but the rest is somewhere in somebody's posession either in jewelry, silverware, or other industrial uses.  Silver on the other hand is a consumable product that gets used up.  There is about 3% of the entire worlds silver left now that is above ground and in jeapardy of being used up as well, hence the recent rise in price of silver that you see.


On June 21, 1982: Silver traded at $4.98 an ounce, and gold at $301. By February 18, 1983, eightmonths later, gold had risen to $505.70 (a 68% increase), while silverhad soared to $14.71 (a 195% increase)… nearly three-times better than gold.

On January 22, 1979: Gold closed at $233.40, while silver closed at $6.39. One year later, gold had gained 253%; silver 588%!

In 1965: You could buy silver for $1.29 an ounce or gold cost $35 an ounce. Which was a betterinvestment? Incredibly… from 1965 to 1980 gold increased 23.5 times,while silver increased 34.1 times.”



I trade commodities for myself and have been doing so for the last 14 yrs successfully, since 1998,because of great teachers.  I noticed just this past couple of weeks that the margin on silver is now higher than gold meaning that you need more money to control a silver contract than you do gold!!!  But people are not paying attention just being luled into their nice comfortable little corners and not taking notice to what is really going on.  I want to share this article with you that David Morgan wrote and reflect on it.  It is at the bottom of this post and if you are ready to do something about it then I urge you to start your own safe way to save silver through a program where you own the silver and it can never be taken away from you because it is allocated , meaning you have claim to it and not the government.

As and example and this is only an example: But in Jan of this year , 2010 Silver was $14.65 and on Dec 6 , 2010 the high was $30.69 so if you would of put away $146.50 away and left it there it would be worth $306.90 on Dec 6 or if you would of invested $1,465 in Jan then in Dec it would be worth $3,069 just think if you would of invested every month, WOW!!!  So I say save for you and your family and yes there will be pullbacks in the silver market and there are no guarantees but just look at how far silver has went up since Oct 2008 from $8.40 to where it is today almost over $30 bucks.

Please visit: and learn more on how you can start saving silver today.

Please watch this video on the Depository:




Open a Gold Back Currency Savings Account Now with Silver Saver and start building wealth! 


If you are interested in moving out of Debt notes and into true Gold Currency that holds true value andworth, You may want to Open your Gold Savings Account with Silver Saver. Go to this site to free yourself from this craziness: 


David Morgans's Silver in the Next Decade is here


Let's discuss how we can build our fortunes , in Michael's book he makes a statement that because you are poor today doesn't mean you will necessarily be poor tomorrow if you follow his recommends.

I am not a investment adviser and I do not want to claim that I know what will happen in the future but there sure is a lot of definitive information that says the PM's are going to continue in a upward move with its natural pullbacks over the next few years.

Peace and Much Unadulterated Love


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Instructions For Signing Up with KB Gold

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Hey Guys I know it is a challenge to sign up with KB at the current time.  Please follow these instructions below to sign up.  I am very excited about this opportunity. Instructions For Sign Up: Go…Continue

the manipulators are losing their grip

Started by Dave Dec 29, 2010. 0 Replies


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Comment by B B on August 25, 2013 at 3:24pm

Back in November 2003, before the Hat Trick Letter was hatched and launched, a seminal article was written about 25 reasons why Gold will rise. It was updated afterwards, around 2008 with a couple more reasons. Given the extreme situation in the last few months, the entire outlook has changed. The gnarly intractable crisis began in late 2008 when Lehman Brothers failed, Fannie Mae was nationalized, and AIG was given a nationalist prop. In the last several months, the crisis has entered a new elevated level of perma-crisis and constant tension, widely recognized as something more serious, dangerous, and risk-filled.

The key changes that mark a quantum change in the global environment for Money, Banking & Gold are many. Taken collectively, they are truly impressive and mindboggling. The new normal is deep constant crisis without resolution, nor the attempt to resolve anything. The banker power structure refused to endure liquidations. They will forced upon them, consequently. The elevated sense of urgency, greater degree of distress, and higher risk of systemic breakdown are the result of many developments. They are largely due to:

  • ZIRP Forever & QE to Infinity (hyper monetary inflation forever)
  • Negative Gold Forward Rates & Futures Contract Backwardation
  • Arab Spring & Instability across Middle East & North Africa
  • Bail-in Plans for Western Bank Account Confiscation
  • Monthly Gold Market Ambushes
  • COMEX Vaults Going Empty
  • Exposure of Derivatives as Bank Sector Point of Vulnerability
  • Constant Pressure for Intervention & False Support of Financial Markets
  • Draghi Bond Solutions Declared Invalid
  • Unresolved Debt & Deficits in Southern Europe
  • Recognized Dysfunction of USGovt Spending
  • Infiltration of Chinese Yuan Swap Facilities into Western Nations
  • Renegade G-20 Meetings with Gold Trade Settlement as Key Project
  • Birth of EurAsian Trade Zone with Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Revelation of Widespread Security Eavesdropping

Comment by B B on April 22, 2013 at 1:43pm

 most confusing thing about a bull market or a bear market is best defined as “what-the-next-day-brings.” What this means is that every day the market changes, prices rise or fall, sometimes those trends last for a week, month, or even years. In the case of the current bull market, those trends have lasted for 12 years. Yet every day, month, and year, there are peaks and valleys that are created by how the price of gold changes.

Think of the market like this: The glass is half full (bull), or the glass is half empty (bear). A mind set that sees the glass half full expects that there is room to fill the glass more (increased value of shares,) while the mind set that sees the glass as half empty expects that volume in the glass will decline (prices of shares will fall.) That is the epitome of what is happening right now with gold.

Over the last 12 years, gold has reached some outstanding prices per ounce, and it has fallen back in price from those outstanding marks. The bull investors expect the prices to rise even higher, and the bear investors expect that the price of gold will fall and continue to fall.

Things that Effect the Gold Market

Each side speculates. Speculates is an awesome word that basically means an educated guess, but a guess non-the-less. The bears speculate that the price of gold is going to plummet back down to the pre-bull market prices of a $400-$500 range. They guess this because of the recent drop in gold pricing, and constraints that gold mining companies face. The bears, on the other hand, see the demand for gold rising. They see that countries like China, Australia, India, Dubai, and Japan have investors lined up in the streets to buy gold, and the fact that governments that are not tied to the gold standard are just going to print money. Both arguments have merit, but both can not be correct. So which is it going to be?

That is the billion dollar question, so what does this mean for the everyday gold investor? It means a couple of things. First, the strategic details of your investment plan are what needs to be the focus. Second, pay close attention to the value of currency. The lower the value of a currency falls, the higher the price of gold will rise.

Tie It All Together

If the bears are correct, then the value of currency will need to rise significantly. If the bulls are correct, then the value of currency is either going to remain somewhat the same or fall. Given that governments move so slowly to correct anything, it seems more likely that the value of currency will remain as it is at least for the mean time.

Within the American market, we continue to hear about issues like the Fiscal Cliff, and sequester cuts and both are not lending to rapid recovery, rather they are indicating the continuing struggle of the American government to stem the tide of recession. Which type of market do you see in the near future? What about the far off future?

Comment by B B on April 22, 2013 at 1:43pm

A time to buy gold is any time that the price of gold dips in price where there is the expectation that the price will again rise in value. An obvious statement that is penned between the arguments of the bull investors and the bear investors. Let’s break it down and see if we can settle the argument.

The Bull Market is best described as a market where share prices are continuing to rise. This is an investors market and the primary focus is on buying shares. A Bear Market, on the other hand, is a market where the prices of shares are falling. The focus of a bear market is selling off of shares.

So if, your aim as in investor is to make money from your investment then both of those terms are important. The idea of investing is to buy low and sell high. High of course is subjective and should be ultimately defined by a percentage of gain based on your individual investment plan.

Comment by B B on March 24, 2013 at 6:02pm

Hey Guys,

Just an update to let you know that the Silver Manipulation is still alive and in full effect but don't let that deter you from staying the course of your silver accumulation.  I have more silver now than ever and will continue to accumulate more.  The lie can only last but so long.

If you haven't done so , check out this video by Michael Maloney:

Comment by B B on March 10, 2013 at 1:41pm

Beyond what is in direct custody, consider having some stored in a safe deposit box for the greater safety. If you have a huge quantity of physical silver, that is where you might also use a storage facility, but I would try to avoid using one owned by a bank or a brokerage firm.

By spreading your physical silver into multiple locations, you increase the risk that you might lose some of it. At the same time, you have reduced the risk that you will lose all of it at once. In the process you would have immediate access to physical silver in your direct custody, yet some of it will also be in physically more secure locations.

If anyone has other suggestions how to safely hold large quantities of physical silver with a minimum of cost, please share them.

Comment by B B on March 10, 2013 at 1:41pm

Even worse is the possibility that physical silver that you theoretically have in a storage facility may have never been placed there in the first instance. Several years ago, Morgan Stanley paid substantial damages to settle a class action suit where it was accused of selling physical silver to customers and charging them storage fees, but the firm never purchased the product at all. There is a current class case action against UBS, the huge Swiss bank, for the same practice.

It is the lack of any practical safe and low cost means of owning physical silver that persuaded many investors to opt for paper investments such as shares of silver exchange-traded funds or certificates of metal stored in such places as the Perth or Royal Canadian Mint. Unfortunately, there are potential problems with these paper investments where the investor may end up holding only pieces of paper and no physical silver. But that is a discussion for another column.

So, what should someone do who wants to own a significant quantity of physical silver? The best suggestion I have is to use two or three options. I consider it important to have some amount of physical silver in your direct custody for emergencies. You may split up the total into different locations so that you only tell someone you trust about one location and someone else another location, and so forth. You might hide some and place some in a safe. 

I know of one person who put a tall safe in his garage. The safe was on wheels. He cut into the concrete floor to make holes spaced for his safe, then rolled the safe until it sank into the holes. The location was deliberately out of the way, but not hidden. To a burglar, it would appear that the measures taken would indicate that there must be valuable contents within.  This person went so far as to have fake silver ingots made and placed into this safe, but no actual physical silver was stored inside. The idea was that crooks would waste all their time going after this decoy and never get around to finding the well-disguised vault he had elsewhere. 

Comment by B B on March 10, 2013 at 1:40pm

 The insurance premiums would be lower than for silver not stored in a good quality safe or vault, but it would still cost something.

The next option would be a bank safe deposit box. If you accumulate large quantities of physical silver, the costs could add up to hundreds of dollars (or more) per year. Banks are safer against theft, but you run several risks from storing your silver there. First, if you own the safe deposit box personally and die, the box is supposed to be sealed by the bank until an inventory of the contents can be made for estate purposes. Banks are also not open 24 hours a day to provide instance access.  If you remember the huge power failure in the Northeast United States that spread as far as Michigan several years ago, there were some banks in my area that were closed for five days, preventing access during normal business hours. 

Bank safe deposit boxes are sometimes broken into, but banks do not insure the contents. Insurance is much more affordable that for physical silver stored at home, but you do have the cost of the annual appraisal on top of the insurance premium.

Last, for large quantities, you can consider using private storage facilities either within or outside the United States. Fees usually include insurance coverage, which can be lower than for goods stored in safe deposit boxes. Overall, as a percentage of value, storage facilities can be lower than safe deposit boxes.

There are levels of secured storage.  Unallocated storage means that you theoretically own some part of a large pile of physical silver. You don’t have title to specifically identified merchandise. The silver is owned by the storage facility and their customers’ holdings are unsecured creditors of the storage facility. If the storage company goes bankrupt, owners of unallocated silver get in line with the utility companies, tax authorities, employees and other creditors of the storage company to get the crumbs left over after secured creditors are paid off.

Allocated or segregated storage is safer, but costs more. The fees usually run about double that of unallocated storage. With allocated or segregated storage, specific merchandise is set aside with the owner’s name attached to it. The owners are told the serial numbers of the items they own. When taking delivery, the customer should receive that exact merchandise. Legally, the physical silver would be an asset of the customer and not of the storage company. In theory, if the storage company went bankrupt, those assets would not be subject to claims by creditors of the storage company. 

However, there are several disadvantages to physical silver stored in private storage facilities. Typically, such vaults are at a greater distance than banks that people might use for safe deposit box storage. In a crisis, access is virtually non-existent.

Second, and perhaps most important, is the risk that there might be multiple claims of ownership to the same physical silver. It has occurred multiple times that storage firms have used assets they were storing as collateral for debt or that the assets were leased and delivered to other parties. Although this should never happen with allocated or segregated accounts, there is a growing number of reports of owners never receiving such assets at all or only receiving equivalent assets but not the exact ones they were told they owned. The MF Global Holdings bankruptcy debacle should make any investor nervous who has physical silver in storage facilities. 

Comment by B B on March 10, 2013 at 1:39pm

Store Silver Right, Sleep Tight

I expect that both gold and silver prices will rise far above current levels over the next couple of years. You can read my other writings on why I anticipate such developments. Beyond that, I expect the price of silver to outperform gold on a percentage basis by a wide margin.

At current price levels, gold is worth more than 50 times that of silver. In line with my expectation that silver will rise by a greater percentage than gold, that means the long-term equilibrium ratio will be much lower than it is today. I don’t have a crystal ball telling me what the ratio “should be,” but I would not be surprised to see it end somewhere in the 35-40 range.

Obviously, a lot of purchasers of physical precious metals like silver’s prospects more than gold because the total dollar volume of silver being purchased exceeds that of gold. By ounces that means that far more than 50 times as many ounces of physical silver are being sold than of gold.

However, there is a significant logistical problem facing anyone who wants to invest a significant amount in physical silver – where to store it?

A thousand ounces of pure silver weighs over 68 pounds. It takes up roughly 165 cubic inches. That would fill most of a small safe deposit box. You can purchase the 1,000 ounces of silver for a bit over $30,000 right now. But, my company has helped customers purchasing 100,000 ounces or more at one time. What do such buyers do then?

Over the years, customers have asked me how to safely store large quantities of physical silver. Unfortunately, I don’t have any perfect answers for them that combine quick access, low cost and strong safety.

The fastest access you can have to your physical silver is for it to be in your direct custody. That also would likely be the lowest cost alternative. However, safety is not the best. You can be burglarized where you live or work. You could bury it and forget where it is or die without sharing the knowledge of its location. You could put it in a safe or vault at home or work.  However, most residential safes are mainly for fire protection. Professional burglars can break into them faster than you would expect. Or, if a safe only weighed a couple hundred pounds, criminals have been known to steal the whole unit to be cracked open elsewhere.

The Essential Guide to Investing in Precious Metals

If you have direct custody of physical silver, the more people who know you own it or know where you are hiding it, the greater your risk that you become a target. Many secrets have been innocently exposed in ways that people would not anticipate. It also happens that the ones who are trusted with knowledge of where the silver is stashed have themselves taken it without permission. Insurance for physical silver in your direct custody is difficult to obtain and expensive if you can get it.

You could have a high caliber safe or hidden vault installed where you work or live. However, costs will be in the thousands of dollars, at a minimum. There is a good chance that the delivery or installation of a safe or vault will be detected by your neighbors, thus creating the risk that the existence of your secure storage becomes public knowledge.

Comment by B B on February 15, 2013 at 3:34pm

People ask me on a consistent basis if I think the government will confiscate their gold and silver coins if times get rough. I feel there is little chance of this happening, and here’s why. Gold and silver coins are predominantly held by the wealthy (especially gold). The wealthy are not going to allow the government they support with campaign money to take their gold. It is just not going to happen. Think about it, poor and moderate income people (and that is at least half the population) do not have a significant holding of gold or silver. Most of the rest of the population have the bulk of their wealth tied up in 401-K’s or IRA’s. This may come as a surprise, but most rich people do not have 401-K’s or IRA’s. They have stocks and bonds, but the rich also have the money and smarts to diversify their portfolios. In my years as a correspondent at ABC and CNN, I used to check in with a coin and bullion dealer in New York City to see what was going on at the street level. He turned into a friend of mine and a great source. He was a real expert and had been in the rare coin and bullion business since the 1970’s. Around 2007, wealthy people and hedge fund folks started buying physical gold and silver. (Gold was in the $600-$800 range.) He told me he would sell Gold Eagles in $100,000 orders to individuals on a routine basis. He also told me he had “connected” clients who had never bought physical gold and silver before and were buying it for the first time in their lives. In 2008, he told me he started seeing big orders for silver coins. For example, one order was for forty, 500 ounce boxes of Silver Eagles. (It was shipped abroad.) If things get tight, the government is not going to demand their bullion coins back from rich campaign donors. Another reason I think the government is not going to confiscate gold and silver coins is state governments are legalizing their use as money. South Carolina is the latest state to approve legislation (after Utah), and at least 12 other states are proposing the same thing. (Click here for more on this story.) There is also a federal legislation in Congress to allow gold and silver to be used as money. (Click her for more on the story.) The trend is moving towards gold and silver coming back into the monetary system, not outlawing it. Now, if you asked me if the government would nationalize gold or silver mines in the continental U.S. or Alaska, I say that is a possibility. I also think the U.S. government could confiscate foreign gold holdings on deposit at the New York Federal Reserve bank, which are roughly 6,000 tons. This is the low hanging fruit. So, I think confiscation of gold and silver coins are unlikely. Chris Duane of thinks the same way I do. Duane lays out a very compelling case for not confiscating gold and silver (especially silver) in the video below. Enjoy your weekend:

Comment by B B on February 15, 2013 at 10:13am

Hey Guys, I know it's been awhile but were back.  The manipulation of the precious metals arena is still in effect with folk putting their trust in other risky assetssuch as equities and increase their bets on other commodities. The U.S. unemployment claims last week fell 27,000 to 341,000, which was lower than Bloomberg's lowest forecast. China's GDP will comfortably exceed 8% this year. The dollar rose against the Euro as the Euro-area contracted 0.6% in Q4 last year and the ECB expects zero growth in 2013.

With all of that being said, still save in Gold and Silver as insurance against the manipulation.  We will be doing more write ups since the site is back up.


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