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Abraham Kovler
I find that most people I talk with have no knowledge of the universal principle of YinYang and if they express familiarity with it, in their expression, they have not actually applied it in their seachings. Well, it does take continual practice to get the jist of it.
It is really the simplest idea possible. Any simpler becomes complicated again! HA! It would be called simplistic by anyone who has practiced this idea sufficiently for any length of time.
This is why, I am taking it upon myself to spread this way of thinking, so, if anyone reading this is interested, please get back to me.

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It's interesting.

Hi Lungs, a friendly reminder label for you to breathe given by the marvelous synchronicities of the celestial time clocks!
The clock on the wall is as useful as our Gregorian Calendar, which only serves commercial interests.
The planets are clocks too, more episodic in nature though.
The clock on the wall may tell you it's midnight, however the planets agree only once in a blue moon.

Anyway ... Lungs are bellows, ever bellow at the sky or the stars at night?
I mean, really go off. Goood medicine for all these Timothy's roaming around in perplexity. No man, if it were a Plex, there is method in the madness.
May I coin a term? Purfused, perlicated? Addicted to images on a screen?

Yeah man, let's go out in the desert together and how like wolves, waddah yuh sigh?

It might take me a while to find you if you're in a desert. So there's some Timothy's out there?

And that goes for all you other peeps, perps and purples out there behaviorizing, tell'em Lungs, and thanks for noticing me, YEAH!

I noticed yin-yang, and various philosophies, and medicine a while ago. What's wrong with us that we aren't too afraid to type? We must be bold wolfs.


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