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So what's going on with Winston Shrout? I hear he went to jail. How is that possible and how did he let that happen? Does anyone know anything on this?

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HI No i had no idea he was in jail i will go searching for that. this is unusual for him. That is why we always emphasize NONADVERSE ;)

I believe he had a Workshop with Eceti James Gilliand in Oregon/Washington this past sept 5th

Oh! Well belay my question lol. Ok then.

Winston Shrout is in jail because he is a claimant,PERIOD!!!! Make a claim you are in the game,PERIOD!!!Claim the legal name you get all the benefits they have to offer, PERIOD!!! Its that simple. Paperwork doesn't mean anything if what you say out of your mouth doesn't match what you put in the paperwork. James 5:12 {KJV} But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation. where in the blueprint for life does it say to do all we put into our paperwork? Our character is established by what we say out of our mouths not with what we put in paperwork, IMHO.

Our language was designed in the penumbra of a hypersphere - all letters are shadows of a hypersphere. Winston could have responded when a judge speaks out - "State your name".

My paperwork speaks for me.
He could have come in with his own self created ID. AS this is a trumped up court case I would investigate jury tampering. What kind of flag was in the court room? That gold fringed one of Admiralty? Found in a Courts-Martial Styles Manual./ The same gold fringed flag that is defined here:

Winston committed a trespass on a private court that's ran by a private society and now they are going to monetize his dishonor and give him lots and lots of benefits including but not limited to, prison and parole. He made a claim now he is in the game.

Oh wow.

You can't print your own money.that's part of the Charge against him was,lol

what evidence do you have that those charges are Winstons charges? Could it be they had nothing to do with Winston until he walked in there and claimed the name? Are you Winston Shrout? Yes I am! Bam Winston is in the game, its that easy. How can you you be a NAME? I believe a name is a Persona Ficta and the court is a Persona Ficta,and once you claim the name you are saying you are a fiction. I believe a man or women can be known as a name but they can never be a name. Remember the courts cant do business with the living they need us to claim the name in order to do business with us. Once you claim the name you are now saying you are a Persona Ficta and equal with the courts, and now the courts can do business with you. Have you ever heard the maxim, unequal things ought not be joined? How is a man liable for a name? just because a prosecutor has that name on his paperwork doesn't make us liable for the name? Winston would have been better off IMO to ask to speak with the claimant with first hand knowledge in the matter. by asking to speak with the claimant with first hand knowledge he would have removed the Persona Fictas aspect of the case and brought it into the realm of the living breathing man.How can a fiction make a claim against the living man? where is the claimant that's holding liability in this matter? The charges don't mean anything unless we want them too. CLAIM THE NAME YOU ARE IN THE GAME!!!

A legal person, in legal contexts often simply person, more precisely known as a legal entity,[1][2] is any human or non-human entity, in other words, any human being, firm, or government agency that is recognized as having legal rights and obligations, such as having the ability to enter into contracts, to sue, and to be sued.[3][4][5]

The term "legal person" is however ambiguous because it is also used in contradistinction to "natural person", i.e. as a synonym of terms used to refer only to non-human legal entities.[6][7]

So there are of two kinds of legal entities: natural persons (also called physical persons) and juridical persons (also called juridic, juristic, artificial, legal, or fictitious persons, Latin: persona ficta), which are other entities (such as corporations) that are treated in law as if they were persons.[4][8][9]

While human beings acquire legal personhood when they are born, juridical persons do so when they are incorporated in accordance with law.

Persona ficta pārsō´na fēk´ta . pɜrsō´nu fik´tu . n. [ pl.Personae fictae. pārsō´nī fēk´tī . pɜrsō´nā fik´tā .]

“Fictitious person.”A fictitious person created under law (under either the municipal law of a state or international law) and ...


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