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This Student's Faucet Design Saves Water By Using Elaborate Spiral Patterns

This Student's Faucet Design Saves Water By Using Elaborate Spiral Patterns
Shared By Brenda J Tenerelli

A student from London's Royal College of Art has just revolutionized water faucet design. Simin Qiu, a young and brilliant designer has found an ultra-effective way of conserving water by sending it through a double-turbine that spirals as water moves through it.

This results in the elaborate water streams you see in the pictures below. The new turbine limits the flow of water so that waste is reduced by 15%. Qiu's design won the iF Design Concept Award in 2014 for it's innovation and elegant aesthetic.

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I remember many years back, seeing a flow design similar to a fig eight, it was claimed to return life to the flow of water,
As water is the flow of life.

I have been unable to find it since,
Maybe some one out there has seen it, used in small waterfalls, or flow streams.

Indeed, maybe they will. Very interesting & thanks for sharing. <3

check out centre for implosion research uk

where can you get these

It states that it is a concept, so I don't know if they have even started making them yet.

Walter Russell suggested that water maintains its life when moving like it does in nature in a vortex. You can find info about Walter Russell on YouTube. You can google vortex water and find some info and inventions/products etc.

Interesting; I've heard of him before. I like posting inventions & things that are from students & our young people to support them, & this also covers water conservation. Things do usually work better when more like nature. Thanks & blessings!

I like the look of the spiral water and I know David Wolfe says water wants to spiral, that its natural flow. But limiting water is not necessarily good, since we live in a place of plenty if we can just know who we are and what we can do with our minds. I hope everyone has gone through carefully the Holographic Universe Parts 1-5 and discovered how our "Infinite I" wants to give us every good thing if we can just let go of all our beliefs and underlying judgments and underlying ego.

This is a nice concept design.
I have found that the water spouts that have the
wire mesh grid over them always makes the general
flow of water over ones hands feel very casual
and more delicate in its nature.

The feeling is more relaxed per-se.
My friend Rodney lives in an apartment block
which mainly consists of asian people

Generally speaking, asians - weather they be
Japanese, Chinese etc etc culturally enjoy a more
traditional and more aesthetic approach to living
deaign which is more consistent and in harmony
with nature itself.

Such a design for somethihg as fundamental as water
Im sure would be appreciated by such cultures

Indeed, I'm sure it would. The whole world needs to get back to that type of lifestyle that is in tune with nature instead of against it. Thank you! <3


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