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The yellow fringed flag and why you are always guilty until proven innocent in America:

by David Wentz

The yellow fringed flag and why you are always guilty until proven innocent in America:

Ever wonder why you can't get any justice in the courts? It's because todays courts do not operate under the article 3 judiciary like the original constitution authorizes. They are instead governed under the department of justice, which is a department under the presidents executive branch.

So why are the courts all operating under the executive branch instead of the judicial branch where they belong? It's because the original constitution, along with it's separation of powers doctrine, has been suspended.

The seven southern states walked out of congress in 1861, which nullified the contract (constitution). Lincoln then issued the lieber code/general orders 100 which put the entire country under emergency military rule, Lincoln being the commander-in-chief. He was assassinated before he could abolish the lieber code, and we have been ruled under it's emergency war-powers ever since.

The civil war never officially ended. Don't believe me? Find the peace treaty that ended the civil war and I'll kiss your ass. There isn't one. This is why you can't get justice in the courts. It's because the courts are still acting as military tribunals under emergency war powers. This is why the courts all fly a U.S. flag with yellow fringes around the boarder. The yellow fringed flag denotes military jurisdiction. This is also why every president has been acting as dictator and ruling by executive order. The constitution does not even authorize presidents to write law, but they have the power, as commander-in-chief, to dictate over an occupying army in a time of war.

Just another one of a great many lies! The peace time flag has vertical stripes.
The United States Civil Flag of Peacetime:

Wakey, Wakey, everyone!!!

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So what can we do about it ?
I look at everything like a contract now. I can either accept it, conditionally accept it, remain silent which you lose by what's called acquiescence, or you can argue and make statements be belligerent another way to lose. The only way to have a legal affect is to accept it or to conditionally accept it.which is the same as a counter claim. I look at everything as contracts and offers. We have been doing it since the day we were born
When you are contracting, you can respond in either one of four ways:

1) Full Acceptance

2) Conditional Acceptance (Counter-offer)

3) Remain Silent

4) Argue/Discuss/Fight/Make Statements

A Conditional Acceptance is same as a “Counter-Offer” which has the legal effect of rejecting the offeree’s offer.” – Black Law Dictionary

Hey, thank you very much for posting this!

WOW I justlistened to that whole mp3! I AM SO GLAD YOU SHARED IT!!
Its totally in sync ya know!!
Thank you!
I'm sharing it with others too

We all need to keep raising awareness of the truth in this country, helping others realize all the lies they've been told, and stick together to try to create change. Social change & change of laws happens when groups of people continue to fight was is wrong. Since their intention is to kill us all off anyway & bring in martial law, I don't know what else we can really do except call them out on the lies, and learn what to say in a court & claim sovereignty. I have other discussions by a judge that explain that. Look for ones about Judge Dale.

Right on. I've been reading alot and checking out some brothers and sisters on youtube about this. In fact right now, I got a parking ticket for something ridiculous, and they call you a criminal on the back of it!!! It has not sat well with me at all, and this has been an opportunity to really study and then jump right in.

Thanks so much for your comments, Kimberly. I'm glad you have found the post & comments to be helpful. Blessings! <3

There is actually another way but, get the basic 4 into your brain it will eventually click. The last one is refusal for cause UCC 3-501. Wrap the first four into your brain.
How can you speak to the dead? Does the dead have any rights?
Sorry about all the posts another great reference


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